Wine Info

If you would like any more information on any of our wines, below is a list of a range of our suppliers along with their website details. If you require any further information, please don't hesitate to contact us.


Bollinger - Founded in Ay in 1829, Bollinger continues to be family-run, famous for its house style, expressed most purely in the Special Cuvee.

Billecart Salmon - Still family-owned, Billecart-Salmon was founded in 1818 and is renowned for the quality of its rose champagne.

Charles Ellner - Charles Ellner was established fairly recently, in 1972 in Epernay, the heart of Champagne territory. Responsible for producing our house champagne Baron de Beaupre.

Gosset - The oldest wine house in Champagne, founded in Aÿ in 1584. Gosset produces a style of champagne which is dry yet creamy, full-bodied, rich and biscuity.

Hostomme – Fantastic small-producer Champagne from the village of Chouilly, since 1911.

Louis Roederer – Founded in 1776 in Reims, Louis Roederer is still an independent family business. Famed for its superb quality and prestige cuvee Cristal.

Moet & Chandon – Founded in 1743 and now one of the world's largest champagne producers, encompassed in the LVMH group. Also famed as the producer of Dom Perignon as its prestige cuvee.

Perrier Jouet – Based in Epernay and founded in 1811, the house style is built around Chardonnay, and Perrier-Jouet own some of the best Chardonnay plots on the Cote des Blancs. Owner of the oldest vintage in Champagne, 1825.

Laurent Perrier – now the world's largest family-owned Champagne brand. Founded in 1812, Laurent-Perrier is now most well known for its rose Champagne.

Pol Roger – Founded by a champenois from Ay, Pol Roger remains a small, family-owned company. Famed for their links with Great Britain and in particular Winston Churchill, naming their prestige cuvee in his honour.

Taittinger – One of the few Champagne houses to remain owned and actively-managed by the family on the label. Famous for producing Champagnes with delicacy, finesse and elegance.

Veuve Clicquot – Founded in 1772 in Reims and now part of the Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessy group, along with Moet and Chandon.


De Bortoli – A third generation family wine company established by Italian immigrants Vittorio and Giuseppina De Bortoli in 1928. The winemaking philosophy is that great wine begins in the vineyard.

Yalumba – Situated in the heart of the Barossa valley and the oldest family-owned winery in Australia, founded by British migrant and Brewer, Samuel Smith, in 1849.

Turkey Flat – A fantastic producer from the Barossa valley. All their wine comes from 5 family owned vineyard sites and are currently working towards organic certification.

Hollick – Based in Coonawarra, South Eastern Australia and founded by Ian and Wendy Hollick in 1975.

Grant Burge – Grant Burge wines was formed by Grant and his wife Helen in the heart of Barossa in 1988 and is still proudly family owned.

Bleasdale – Founded by Frank Potts in 1858 in Langhorne Creek.

Jim Barry - Jim Barry Wines has an innovative approach to viticulture and a strong commitment to technological excellence in winemaking. Based in the Clare Valley, Jim Barry was the first qualified winemaker to work in this region.

Ferngrove – A relatively young winery – established in 1998, in the Frankland River area of Western Australia.

Tyrell's – One of Australia's largest wineries, based in the Hunter Valley. Fourth generation family member Bruce Tyrell is the current managing director

Mitchell – Established in 1975 by Jane and Andrew Mitchell in South Australia's Clare Valley.

Molly Dooker – Fantastic Aussie wines from this quirky producer, based in the McLaren Vale.

New Zealand

Mud House – With vineyards based in each of New Zealand's best grape-growing areas, Mud House strive to produce wines with optimal varietal character and flavour.

Isabel – Established in 1982 by Michael and Robyn Tiller, Isabel is still family-owned and run today.

CJ Pask – Launched in 1981 with a planting of Cabernet Sauvignon in the renowned Gimblett Gravels area of New Zealand, followed by the addition to the team in 1991of award-winning winemaker Kate Radburnd, has meant Pask has become a well-known name in New Zealand winemaking.

Domain Road – A privately owned vineyard located in Bannockburn, Central Otago. The challenging terroir of the area produces wines with elegant structure and pure, intense flavours.

Villa Maria – New Zealand's most awarded winery, Villa Maria was founded in 1961 and is still privately-owned.

Cloudy Bay – World-renowned for their Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc, now owned by Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessy.

Alan McCorkindale - A small family orientated winery with a vineyard based in Waipara, North Canterbury, creating wines with distinct style and flair.

Ara – A relatively young winery, which produces single estate wines from the Wairau Valley.

South Africa

Raka – A family-owned and run winery situated in a narrow valley in the Kleinriver Mountains, the southernmost mountain range in Africa.

Meerlust – Situated 15km south of Stellenbosch, the Meerlust estate has been the pride of the Myburgh family since 1756 and is currently run by 8th generation custodian Hannes Myburgh.

Painted Wolf – Primarily focused on producing wines with a South African feel, as well as helping to fund research and conservation of the African Wild Dog – the company's namesake.

Ernie Els Wines – Based in the Stellenbosch region of South Africa, Ernie Els, the famous golfer, launched his venture in 1999 with winemaker Louis Strydom.

Klein Constantia – One of South Africa's most famous names, located on the narrow Cape Peninsula in the South.


Dante Robino – Founded by Dante Robino, an Italian immigrant to Argentina in 1920, in Lujan de Cuyo, one of Mendoza's best wine producing regions.

Norton – Founded in Mendoza in 1895 with plantings of vines imported from France.


Tamaya – Located in the Limari Valley. The winemaker is José Pablo Martin, one of the most exciting young winemakers in Chile, who has worked with top Chilean and French producers.

Cono Sur – A relative newbie, founded in 1993. The cornerstone of the winery is innovation, as well as sustainability.

Casa Lapostolle – Founded and owned by the House of Grand Marnier, Casa Lapostolle combines French expertise with the superb terroirs of Chile.

Cousino Macul - Founded in 1856, Cousiño Macul is the only winery in Chile amongst those established in the 19th century that continues in the hands of the original founding family.

Concha Y Toro – In 1883, Dom Melchor Concha Y Toro brought noble French grapevines to plant in Chile's Maipo Valley. Since then Concha Y Toro has grown to be one of the world's largest wine brands.

Miguel Torres – Established in Spain, Miguel Torres purchased a winery in the Central Valley in 1979.

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